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Dewsweepers Legends

Thursday Dewsweepers Legend No 5 - Terry Driver

Terry has been a member of the Club for 25 years and started playing Thursday Dewsweeper golf about six years ago.  He sought to become one of our mini-sponsors almost immediately.

Unfortunately, a nasty fall from a ladder at home required two operations to repair broken bones and the outcome remains less than ideal.  During extended recovery periods, he volunteered to put his sponsorship on hold to let an active player have a turn.

Terry is one of our most popular players, good company and a level head in difficult times.

Welcome Terry Driver as Thursday Dewsweepers Legend No.5

Click Here to See Terry Driver Dewsweeper's Legend Certificate.pdf

Thursday Dewsweepers Legend No 6 - David Rayner

David recently celebrated his 50th year as a member of the North Adelaide Golf Club.  He has taken a keen interest in Club matters and been a good contributor as well as a paid-up Thursday Sponsor for 8 years.

On his 85th birthday, David decided to pick cherries from the tree at the bottom of the yard, to please the grandchildren. Up the ladder and stretching up and across while balancing on a ladder. Outcome, strained muscles in the back, shoulder and neck mean he hasn’t played for a month.

David recently took ill and is having some extra tests done this week and it looks like the outcome is a little worse than first thought.

He’s told a few of us that he won’t play again.

Another one of nature’s gentlemen and good company.

Welcome David Rayner as Thursday Dewsweepr's Legend No. 6

Click Here to See David Rayner Desweeper's Legend Certificate.pdf

Published 23/12/2017

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