North Adelaide Golf Club

Local Rules

Local Rules and Temporary Local Rules are to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf. 

Members must be familiar with the Rules of Golf that apply to the Local and Temporary Local Rules.  In particular, know when a shot is to be replayed and if not to be replayed, understand the correct procedure to mark a golf ball, lift it, clean it (when permitted) and properly drop the ball or re-place it to bring the ball back into play.

The Local Rules are printed on the scorecard and members, visitors and caddies must adhere to all Local (and Temporary Local) Rules.

Temporary Local Rules are posted on the Club Notice Board.  Members should check the Notice Board before commencement of play.

Failure to correctly apply Local and Temporary Local Rules can incur additional penalties and/or disqualification.

The Match Committee of the North Adelaide Golf Club advises that the following Local and Temporary Local Rules shall apply.

Local Rules

No Penalty for Ball Moved on Putting Green
Tree Roots
Wire Protective Screens
Staked Trees
Fallen Trees Or Branches
Motorised Carts
Ground Under Repair (G.U.R.)
Wheel Ruts
Out Of Bounds (O.O.B.)
Immovable Obstructions
Fixed Sprinkler Heads
Embedded Ball
Stones In Bunkers
Painted Blue Line on Green Surrounds

Temporary Local Rules:

Captain's Request - 17th Hole.

The Club Captain requests all players play the 17th hole as it is designed, ( ie : tee shot to the top of the hill and second shot down the hill towards the green ) and not play a blind tee shot across the corner.

Anecdotally I have received a number of complaints concerning near misses of striking the players in front and calls of fore disturbing players in front whilst playing their approach shots to the green. The practice is dangerous and time is wasted looking for lost balls holding up players behind.

There is no rule in golf to stop this practice as players are playing to the fairway being played and no penalty can be applied. If a player's decision is to play across the corner make sure you have a clear fairway ahead by engaging a ' spotter ' at the top of the hill. This must be done without undue delay to the players following.

Club Captain, Barry Smith

Abnormal Ground Conditions, GUR, etc