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Tuesday Dewsweeper's

This website sub-page is dedicated to various results for Tuesday Dewsweeper's

The Peter Moorfield Trophy - The Tuesday Dewsweeper Competition plays a stroke event on the second Tuesday of each month. The winners of the monthly stroke event qualify to play in the final of the Peter Moorfield Trophy. The final is played after 12 months (July to June) on the second Tuesday in July. The trophy is sponsored by Peter Moorefield.

2023 Peter Moorefield Trophy Winner - Bob Henley with a net Stroke score of 70 (July 11 2023)


Monthly Qualifiers for the 2023 - 2024 season:


July 2023 - Abbasi Mchawala Net 67

August 2023 - 

September 2023 - 

October 2023 - 

November 2023 - 

December 2023 - 

January 2024 - 

February 2024 - 

March 2024 - 

April 2024 - 

May 2024 - 

June 2024 - 


Tuesday Consistency Trophy (Kevin Vogelsang Trophy) Each week, Consistency Trophy points are awarded to the top seven scorers and the points are totalled at the end of the year. The trophy is sponsored by Kevin Vogelsang.

2023 Consistency Trophy results will be updated regularly

Tuesday Averages (2023 Calendar Year)
Averages will be updated regularly