North Adelaide Golf Club

Mens 2016 Bonnar Cup Results

Round 6 Results - Kooyonga vs North Adelaide (26-06-2016) at Flagstaff Hill

A great win this week - just what we needed to keep our chances of staying in Bonnar Cup alive.
A great team effort which included a positive approach to the matches and mutual encouragement, especially since we were looking down the barrel of an overall disappointing season.
A special mention to Drew and Jamie who had exceptional wins and played very exciting matches and gave us something to cheer about at the end.
This week the Captain's award, sponsored by St Clair Transport, goes to Jamie Clarbull - well played and well deserved Jamie, an amazing effort to win 1 up with a 10m putt on the 18th for birdie and the win, after being 1up with 4 to play, to then 1 down with 2 to play, to win the last 2 holes for the win
1. Simon Welsh - 7/5 down
2. John Filmalter - 4/3 down
3. Drew Grieve 2/1 up
4. Jamie Clarbull 1 up
5. Barry Smith 6/5
6. Chantha Kong 4/3 up
7. Claudio Sequeira 3/2 up
Next week is the final round of Bonnar Cup versus Tea Tree Guly at The Grange

Round 5 Results - The Grange vs North Adelaide (19-06-2016) at The Vines

North Adelaide were defeated by The Grange 6 to 1.

Yes it was disappointing to lose but we fought hard and most matches were close.

Two weeks in a row now Barry has won his match and this week he is rewarded with the Captain's Award.
A sleeve of balls are coming your way, well played and well deserved.

Thanks to again Brenton St Clair & St Clair Transport for the continuing sponsorship support.

1. Simon Welsh - 3/2 down
2. John Filmalter - 3/2 down
3. Claudio Sequeira - 3/2 down
4. Chantha Kong - 4/3 down
5. Barry Smith 3/2 up
6. Drew Grieve 3/1/down
7. Jamie Clarbull 3/1 down

Round 4 Results - The Vines vs North Adelaide (05-06-2016) at North Adelaide

Unfortunately we didn't quite get over the line going down 4 matches to 3.
Very good wins to Drew and Barry and another solid performance from John.
There were several other close matches which could've gone either way.
The weather was bad early but it was the same for each player.
The greens played exceptionally well considering the amount of rain.

Thanks to again Brenton St Clair & St Clair Transport for the continuing sponsorship support.

The Captain's award this week goes to Drew Greive for a very good win and welcome return to form.

1. Simon Welsh - L 4/2
2. John Filmalter - W 2/1
3. Claudio Sequeira - L 5/4
4. Chantha Kong - 2 DN
5. Corey Fawkes - 1 DN
6. Barry Smith - W 5/4
7. Drew Grieve - W 7/6
A bye next week before taking on The Grange at The  Vines

Round 3 Results - Glenelg vs North Adelaide (29-05-2016) at Kooyonga

A very serviceable effort against the top team today.

Thanks to Brenton St Clair for the sponsorship.
The Captain's award this week goes to John Filmalter for another good win at number 2. Well done John for staying calm and collected under pressure.
1. Simon Welsh - 1 down
2. John Filmalter - 2/1 up
3. Claudio Sequeira - 2/1 down
4. Chantha Kong - 4/2 down
5. Corey Fawkes - 5/3 down
6. Barry Smith - 2/1 down
7. Drew Grieve - 3/2 down
This week we had a full compliment of caddies and a couple of extras - thank you for making the time to come out to support the team.

Round 2 Results - Flagstaff Hill vs North Adelaide (22-05-2016) at Glenelg

It was a very close match this week and unfortunately we came up just short, going down to Flagstaff Hill 4 to 3.

This week the Captain's award ( sleeve of 3 balls) goes to Simon for a gutsy win at number 1.

Thanks to Brenton St Clair for the sponsorship.

Results from today.
At Glenelg against Flagstaff Hill - 4 to 3 down
1. Simon Welsh, 5/4 up
2. John Filmalter, 1 up
3. Claudio Sequeira, 4/3 down
4. Chantha Kong, 6/5 up
5. Barry Smith, 1 down
6. Jamie Clarbull, 2/1 down
7. Adrian Emmerson, 5/4 down
Round 1 Results - Blackwood vs North Adelaide (15-05-2016) at Blackwood
1. Smon Welsh - 2/1 Down
2. John Filmalter - 4/3 Down
3. Chantha Kong - 7/6 Down
4. Drew Grieve - 5/4 Down
5. Claudio Sequeira - 2 Down
6. Barry Smith - 1 Down
7. Corey Fawkes - 3/1 Down

Yes - it was a disappointing first round loss - but it's not all bad - there were some positive signs.

It was always going to be a tough match against Blackwood at home - that would have to be one of the best teams Team Manager Tim Miller has ever seen selected in Bonnar Cup competition.
There were 4 close matches, 2 that went to the 17th and 2 that went to the 18th, suggesting things could have gone either way at any point in the matches.
Things would have been different at another course.
Thanks to the club members who came out to support the team and to caddie - it is much appreciated.
Team Manager Tim Miller has decided to introduce an incentive award for each week - Proudly Sponsored by St Clair Transport Pty Ltd (Brenton St Clair), The Captain's choice of the best performance - the best performer each week will receive a sleeve of 3 balls.
The round 1 winner is Corey Fawkes as the best performer. Corey played a really good game of golf on Sunday and under normal circumstances would have won.
The player he was up against is off 1.3 (their best handicap for the day) and was under consideration for Simpson Cup and then they decided to put him at number 7 in Bonnar Cup.
Well done Corey.