North Adelaide Golf Club

2018 Public Course Pennant Play

ROUND 4 - Sunday 18th February our Division 1 side played Playford Lakes Golf Club at Playford Lakes (formerly North Lakes Golf Club) losing 5 matches to 1 with 2 matches halved.
Our Division 3 side played North Haven at North Haven. Behind for most of the day our team managed to win 4 matches 1 up on the 18th eventually winning 5 matches to 3.

Individual Results:
Division 1
Alex Martinson lost 2 down
Jed Ballard halved
Shane Leathem won 1 up
John Filmalter halved
Anthony Clapp lost 3/2
Zachary George lost 7/6
Damian Garcia lost 2/1
Peter Norman lost 5/3

Division 3
Peter Adams lost 6/5
Greg Forrest won 1up
Paul Moretti won 1up
Dave Harrington won 1up
Peter Mayboroda won 3/2
John O'Connor lost 5/3
Frank Ballard lost 3/2
Luke Air won 1up

ROUND 3 - Sunday 11th February our Division 1 and Division 3 teams both played Regency Park at Regency Park. Unfortunately both teams were defeated with Division 1 going down 7 matches to 1 and Division 3 faring a little better losing 5 1/2 matches to 2 1/2 matches.
The highlight of the day was seeing Frank Ballard hit a chip shot on the 18th rather than his usual 30 yard putt until I realised his match was over and he was just practicing!

Individual results:  
Division 1
Alex Martinson won 2up
Barry Smith lost 2/1
John Filmalter lost 3/2
Shane Leathem lost 4/3
Anthony Clapp lost 4/3
Zachary George lost 2/1
Rubén Wyld lost 6/5
Peter Norman lost 6/5

Division 3
Greg Forrest lost 4/2
Paul Moretti lost 5/4
Peter Adams finished all square
Dave Harrington won 2/1
Ted Wilson lost 1 down
Peter Mayboroda lost 2/1
Frank Ballard won 3/1
Pat Kerin lost 2/1

ROUND 2 - On Sunday 4th February our men's Division 1 public course pennant team played the new team entering the competition, Sandy Creek at Sandy Creek. As expected they fielded a very strong team and we were defeated 7 matches to 1.
Our Division 3 team played Mawson Lakes at Mawson Lakes. After what was a closely fought contest all day we were unfortunately defeated 4.5 matches to 3.5 matches.
Division 1.                          
Jed Ballard lost 3/1
Shane Leathem lost 4/3
John Filmalter lost 6/5
Anthony Clapp lost 4/3
Damian Garcia lost 2/1
Peter Norman lost 7/6
Zack George won 3/1
Reuben Wyld lost 5/4

Division 3
Greg Forrest lost 2/1
Peter Adams won 1 up
Dave Harrington won 2/1
Paul Moretti halved
John O'Connor won 7/6
Peter Mayboroda lost 2/1
Frank Ballard lost 2/1
Luke Air lost 4/2

ROUND 1 - Sunday 28th January was the start of the new season of public course pennant. This year NAGC has a team in division 1 for the first time and a team in division 3 where we were victorious last year.
Both teams played at home and were both successful in winning.
Division 1 won 5.5 matches to 2.5 matches.
Division 3 won 4.5 matches to 3.5 matches.
On what was a very hot and tiring day both teams had numerous players representing our club for the first time.

My congratulations to all of them.

Barry Smith